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Standard Plate Thickness

2.84mm / 3.94mm / 5.00mm / 7.00mm


Standard Line Bar Thickness

2.84mm / 3.94mm / 5.00mm


Our material is the best material, even though it’s softer than the solid plate but the objective is the ink transfer very good. It can be avoid the white dot during printing process especially for full printing. Besides, if the designs have the reverse printing or small wording, we can use our capping technique which is a harder liquid polymer on the current polymer. This will let the printer operator easier to print when the design is solid printing with small wording or reverse printing at the same time, so that it won’t reduce the productivity of the printer. Our printing plate still have an advantage which is it’s also can let the toning printing to be printed more evenness. It can reduce the corrugated board line to be appeared during the toning printing.

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