Corrugated Carton Printing Industry is always under pressure to meet the ever increasing demand of Print Buyers. At EMY, we understand these problems faced by the printers.

Fast Delivery Time

  • Improved Print Quality and process Color Requirements.

  • Slow Output of engraving Stereo Rubber block which cannot meet the fast turn around time and process inferior print quality.

  • Setting up of an In-House graphic Dept. and plate making system requires expertise support and high capital investment.

EMY Can Provide You The Solutions

  • Fast turn-around time for flexo plates at very low costs.

  • Easy handling plate making system - Plug & Play.

  • Increase Productivity and Improve Print Quality to achieve higher Profitability.

EMY Approach

  • Choices of Low Price but reliable and stable liquid plate making system to produce flexo plate ready for printing within 3 hours.

  • Choices of Liquid Photo polymer to meet your needs.

  • Unique and User Friendly Graphic Designs system to help you to elevate your Pre-Press Dept. capability and increase productivity.

  • Ability to Finger Print your press whenever you like.