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Introduction: Team


Corrugated Carton Printing Industry is always under pressure to meet the ever increasing demand of Print Buyers. At EMY, we understand these problems faced by the printers.

Fast Delivery Time

  • Improved Print Quality and process Color Requirements.

  • Slow Output of engraving Stereo Rubber block which cannot meet the fast turn around time and process inferior print quality.

  • Setting up of an In-House graphic Dept. and plate making system requires expertise support and high capital investment.

EMY Can Provide You The Solutions

  • Fast turn-around time for flexo plates at very low costs.

  • Easy handling plate making system - Plug & Play.

  • Increase Productivity and Improve Print Quality to achieve higher Profitability.

EMY Approach

  • Choices of Low Price but reliable and stable liquid plate making system to produce flexo plate ready for printing within 3 hours.

  • Choices of Liquid Photo polymer to meet your needs.

  • Unique and User Friendly Graphic Designs system to help you to elevate your Pre-Press Dept. capability and increase productivity.

  • Ability to Finger Print your press whenever you like.

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